You WILL be Happy ! :-)

International Happiness Week 

What makes you happy, what makes you sad? Is it important to be happy, is it ok to be sad? 
These were the questions put to the Cubs as we sat down to a Pack forum. Sitting in the circle the Cubs took it in turns to put their point of view across; some very good points were made. We concluded the forum with ideas on how to stay happy. 

Continuing with being happy Cubs made their own emojis out of Fymo – yes, there were some poos but also lots of smiling faces and even a thumbs up! 

To accompany their emoji to take home the Cubs were tasked with creating a happiness calendar: what could they do each day to ensure they, and others, stay happy. 

To finish the Cubs started to learn the song for St George’s Day Parade, please help them to learn it over the Easter Holiday. 

Stay happy!

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