We dont dangle a carrot to encourage the Cubs to do a hike……we dangle CHIPS!

Tonight was a time that torches could be waved furiously, muddy puddles can be walked through and Owls can complain at the noise. We started our hike at Alresford creek, which was hard enough for some parents to find, let alone the Cubs. As we slowly gathered by the shoreline, the Cubs trying to sink themselves in mud, we started our hike to Wivenhoe. All the Cubs were given a map and the leaders given a hope that they may even look at it. With any luck they may even follow it ! You may or may not know but the Wivenhoe Trail (which is the path we followed) only had one place where the Cubs could have gone wong so it was very likely that for once the hike would be incident free. Walking along the side of the river Colne it was pleasent and tranquil. That was until we allowed the Cubs to start talking again šŸ™‚ It was nice, however, to hear the wildlife and river near by whilst you strolled through the darkness. We stopped a couple of times to orient ourselves with the stars and the map but the end goal was the chippy in Wivenhoe. As we got closer to the lights that were Wivenhoe, talk of food, salt and vinegar started and by the time we reached the chippy it was lucky Baloo had called ahead so there was no major rush or wait for the ravenous hoards. The chips were lovely and just the thing to end a nice evenings walk with.

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