Mothers ! What Would We Do Wivout Em !

For as long as I can remember it never mattered how old I was or what the problem was I always knew my good ole mum (don’t tell her about the ole bit !) would always be there to support me, and thankfully she still does.  Whether its a roast dinner, a pick up, a drop off or a baby sitter you just know they will always be there for you.  This is why we dedicated our evening tonight to our mothers.  After all, mothers day (Sunday 11th March for those that were wondering!) is just around the corner and along with it comes mothering Sunday.  A time we can go to church and be thankful for all that they have done, will do and currently do for us.

We all know that mums like to nibble on a bicky or a bit of chocolate, that’s what we thought we would make for them and wrap it up in a nice personalised box to give to them as a gift.  

The biscuits were great fun as all the Cubs were able to get flour and egg and sugar everywhere and it wasn’t too hard to see those that had wiped their hands down their trousers.  After all the mixing, rolling, cutting and gentle laying of the biscuits, we placed them in the oven to bake so we could make our chocolate sweets.

The sweets were simply made from chocolate that was melted down (and if you were Baloo burning down!)and then delicately poured into moulds so they could set in the fridge.  The Cubs did a great job of these and were very careful to lick their fingers….err I mean pour the mixture in 🙂

Finally it came to the present box which was made of a paper plate and formed into a boat shape container.  This was then lined and decorated for the treats to go inside.  

Alas none of the Cubs wanted to relinquish any treats they had made for their mums (probably for the best) so the leaders had to make do with left overs but thankfully there was a little bit 😀

I know the Cubs all enjoyed themselves as did the leaders tonight and I just hope that we don’t see an upsurge in food poisoning around the 11th !!!!


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