Music Madness !!!!

Tonight we were visited by the Scouts Band and its was SPECTACULAR !!! The band showed up with all of their instruments which instantly got the Cubs attention. After a quick inspection it was down to the band and letting them loose on the Cubs. A quick couple of games got them in the mood for fun and frolics and after that came the songs. The band played some classic tunes such as “When the Saints Come Marching In”, “We’ll be coming round the mountain” and Dad’s army to name but a few. After this the Cubs were allowed to try the instruments. Now this was an experience you definitely would want to miss 🙂 The noise in the Scout hut is normally bad but tonight we almost literally blew the roof off !! The Cubs then got to play the cymbals with the band and play along with the music. The Cubs also really enjoyed this as it made a really loud noise and they were a part of the band. Even if it was for a small amount of time.

Thanks to all the Scout Band who helped run the evening and have so much patience. I am amazed that their hearing is still fully in tact !

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