Energy and The Environment

The Cubs started by discussing the different tyeps nd forms of energy. This included fossil, air, water and gas to name but a few. It was interesting to hear the types of things the Cubs thought of as energy but on the whole they had a good idea of how things are powered, why and by what. The group was then split up and completed 3 diffrent activites. These were making wind turbines/windmills, making light switch covers and finally testing the energy efficiency of the hut with a clamp meter.

Making the windmills/turbines was good fun as all of the Cubs tried to blow as hard as they could to get their windmill to go round the fastest! This resulted in some breakages but mostly a lot of blue faces ! When making the switch covers the Cubs had to think of a design and pattern that would catch your eye and make you want to turn the switch off when you leave the room. Thus saving energy and saving money. All of the designs were fantastic and definately eye catching. I’m not sure of the effectiveness as I havent seen them in action but hoipefully they will save a few pennies here and there. Finallly there was the clamp meter. Now this isnt something we put the Cubs heads in and see how long it takes them to crumple, this device actually measures the amount of electricity being used at any one time. This was very interesting as it showed how much more electricity was used when a light was turned on or the heaters turned off (not to be advised !) but its a visual that gave the Cubs an introduction and an eye into how using electricity, or any fuel, can cost money depending on how much of it is used. And yes ! even on the X Box !!!

After this all the Cubs made working water wheels which were all individully tested and Bagheera made a huge one where he got very wet !

After such an energetic (yes, the pun was intended) all the Cubs were able to take their windmills and switch covers home with them so they could show their parents and maybe, just maybe, save some money.

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