Another year, another great start

Our first meeting back was a mixed bag of World Badge, finding out what the Cubs got for Christmas, what the world badge represents and finally, a team building game which had everyone pulling together.

As per usual, after Christmas, we tend to play a memory game where we start the round with, “For Christmas I was lucky enough to get…..”  Then each one in turn would add another present to the list until finally the last Cub in the round had to remember everyone’s presents !  Along with the name of the present there was also an action associated with it.  For example, one Cub got a football shirt and so his action was as if he was kicking a ball, then it would go onto the next person and so on. Some of the presents that had been received from santa made me wish I’d asked for more than just a pair of slippers and socks now!

Once we had discovered the Cubs presents we looked at some examples of everyday objects and asked the Cubs where they thought they originated from.  We had some very strange ideas of where a pillow case came from and also a small emoji teddy bear (well, it wasn’t a teddy bear but I’ll let your Cub answer what it was!)  This really showed the diverse areas that goods come from and surprised the Cubs at the distance alot of the goods travelled before they got to us.

We now concentrated on the world badge and learning what all the parts of the badge represent.  Here is an image to show you how they all tie in together:

Finally and to let off some steam we played a team game.  The Cubs had to get all of their team through an obstacle course whilst using 3 canes to hold a tennis ball off the floor.  The course consisted of wiggley paths, going over chairs and under tables.  I’m sure the tennis balls dropped in a few places but it was never going to be perfect 🙂

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